DR-50A1 (Drum type) · SH-50A1 (Siphon type)

For Yamada Corporation: 50 type (1 x 1) inline pumps (for oil),the DR-50A1 (drum type) that can be directly connected to a 200 L drum container, and the SH-50A1 (siphon type) that can be fixed to a container, stand, or wall surface are available.

This air-powered drum pump is ideal for pumping, and pressure feeding oil from 200 L drum containers or other containers.
It can also be used for oil portioning, for supplying to hose

Pump Type Inline type
Pump Ratio 1×1
Air Motor 50 type
Suction Tube STKM12B
Piston Packing Buna N (NBR)
Gland Packing Buna N (NBR)
Suitable Materials Oil


■ Convenient for Small Portioning Work from Drum Containers

For applications such as pumping oil out of drum containers and portioning it, or injecting oil in fixed quantities, a combination oil drum pump, hose, and oil control valve is ideal.

■ Easy to Install
The oil drum pump is inserted into the 2B bung (inlet) of the drum container and secured with a bung adaptor, the hose is connected the oil outlet, and then the control valve for oil is connected to the other end of the hose.

Pumps from Tank by Self-suction.
When the pump is connected to compressed air and the control valve lever is pulled, oil is automatically discharged. When the lever is released, the oil discharge stops and so does the pump.

■ Flow Rate Adjustment and Cutting off the Flow at the End Point is Easy.

Allows oil to be used like water from the tap, with easy operation of a lever on the gun, allowing just the required amount to be used when needed. If longer piping is required, please install a relief valve.
*DR-50A1 includes bung adaptor (803488).

Drum type
Insert the pump into a drum container, and use the bung adaptor to secure. The depth at which the pump is inserted can be adjusted up or down, by loosening the fixing screw on the adaptor.
Siphon Type
Fix the pump to a stand or wall surface, and insert the suction hose and suction pipe into the drum container before use. Increases work efficiency since there is no need to carry or store the pump. Can be used for containers other than drum containers.
feature_DR50A1_1.jpg feature_DR50A1_2.jpg


Drum type Siphon Type
Product No. 852628 852629
Model DR-50A1 SH-50A1
Maximum Discharge Pressure(MPa) 0.7
Material Connection Suction Port R1-1/2
Discharge Port Rc3/4
Air Connection Supply Port Rc1/4
Operating Air Pressure Range (MPa) 0.3~0.7
Temp Range (°C) Ambient 0~60
Material Temperature 0~80
Water Discharge (mL)/Cycle 126
Net Weight (kg) 5.0 2.6

Dimentional drawing



Performance curve

*Avoid using in the ranges in blue in the graph below.

Performance Curve_DR50A1.jpg



Air Regulator

802552(AR-110) 802553(AR-110A) 805199(LDS-AR)
Suitable pumps: 50 series, 110 series Suitable pumps: 50 series, 110 series Suitable pumps: 50 series, 110 series
Air inlet: G1/4 (F) Air inlet: Air couple (PS-20PM) Air inlet: Air couple (PS-20PM)
Air outlet: G1/4 (M) Air outlet: G1/4 (M) Air outlet: G1/4 (M)
Notes: With ball valve
802552(AR-110).png 802553(AR-110A).png 805199(LDS-AR).png

Bung Adaptor

The pump can be fixed to a drum container by attaching it to the fitting of the drum top lid.

Suitable pump: DR-50A1, DR-50A3, DR-90A3

Material: ADC12

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