Transport of Ink shielded from light

Product model:
Most pumps used were NDP-25BST
Industry / Branch:
Ink for printers
Factory type / Production of:
Production of UV-ink

For this project we were approached by a UK manufacturer of industrial inks to assist them with a new production line producing UV printing inks.
We had to find a solution that would be chemically compatible with the inks, but more importantly would not allow the penetration of UV light. Introduction of UV light would effectively render this very expensive product useless.

As a distributor for Yamada in the UK, we opted for an air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump in stainless steel construction and PTFE internals.
Yamada is a Japanese brand established in 1905. Their unique design utilises a short stroke for longer component life and a patented, non-lubricated, non-centering air valve which prevents stalling.
In total, we specified and supplied 25 of Yamada's clean operating AODD pumps.
Some for raw ingredient additions to process and the remainder for transfer of the finished product from the mixers to IBC holding tanks.
Each pump was specific to a colour, ensuring no cross-contamination. All pumps impenetrable to UV light as specified.


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