Transfer of sodium hydroxide NaOH, nitric acid HNO3, sodium hypochlorite NaClO and many different cleaning detergents

Product model:
Industry / Branch:
Food industry (Milk, beverage)
Factory type / Production of:
Cleaning In Place -C.I.P.

Why one should pay attention with chemicals used for pump cleaning.
Clients often know how important it is to select the right pump with suitable materials while looking at the liquid they intend to pump. Sadly from time to time we come across a case like this in which they overlooked also to pay attention to what cleaning agent is used to flush the application and the pump.

In almost every dairy factory, you can find special machines for transferring milk.
Such installations mostly use small size pumps to flush milk residues and lactic bacteria out of the system at the end of each shift. Using plain water or steam won't do the job, hence the usage of often very aggressive chemicals.
Often such fluids, even though not intended will often come into contact with the surface of the pump.
One has to bear in mind that some gaskets, especially those used in air chambers, may not have the correct chemical resistance to such corrosive liquids.

These pictures show well what happens in such case.
The seals were compromised,leakage as a result and the pump performance was no longer in accordance with the specs.
Our job is also to ask actively all the needed questions to avoid such unneeded misfortune!


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