Pumping of melted chocolate and crème

Product model:
Industry / Branch:
Food industry
Factory type / Production of:
Production of Napolitano cookies/biscuits

We were asked by a manufacturer of Napolitano biscuits in Romania, to come up with a solution needed in their production process.
They transfer liquid chocolate mass out of special SUS storage units where it was kept at the right temperature to keep it liquid.
As the required transfer volume was rather small, they faced a situation in which the chocolate would cool down substantially and transferring it became rather challenging especially during the colder winter months.


Yamada picked up this sweet challenge and created a special pump by adding stainless steel additional chambers covering the normal liquid chambers.
These outer chambers are fed with warm water diverted from the heating radiators already present at the factory to ensure that the chocolate mass would be kept liquid and transferring it became effortless.


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