Pumps in Inkmaker machine

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Flexographic Industry
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Our representative in Portugal dealing with flexographic business and ink dispensing units came across an opportunity to test our brand new Yamada G15- pump series..
He called us and explained that they noticed an ink dispensing machine user experienced multiple diaphragm failures with a well known competing AODD brand and asked us if we could supply those diaphragms for these pumps.

As we recently developed a new type of pump (G-series) we offered the end-user to test our Yamada G series G15AS00 pump instead of supplying new diaphragms for those competitor's pumps. The G-series were especially designed to deal with this kind of applications where stalling due to low required flow output would occur more frequently. The asymmetrical spool prevents this from happening.
The end-user was used to the fact that the life-time of the diaphragms in the competing AODD pump was limited as they would crack within 3 to 6 months.
Our Yamada G15 new pumps will fit into your existing Inkmaker unit without having to make adjustments as the G15 has been designed to be more compact then our regular Yamada NDP15.
As the test with our Yamada G15AS00 pump is still running we can already conclude that the lifetime of the Yamada G15 diaphragms have already exceeded the average lifespan of the other pumps diaphragms, hence enabling the user to keep money in his pocket and reduce his production down-time.
Yamada, best is not good enough!


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