Leachate Acid & Alkaline Liquids

Product model:
NDP-25BVT NDP-50BVT NDP-80BPS Line size 1 - 3 inch

Our smart Italian distributor shared that even during driving he looks around andfinds Yamada opportunities. In this case he came across a chemical plantproducing chemical fertilizers.
They are using the liquid residues of a landfill, leachate from waste, mixed withvarious acids and alkaline liquids which are used to produce chemical fertilizers.
For transferring this they used centrifugal pumps and a magnetic drive pump.
The technician in charge was not satisfied with the pumps used as often the mechanical seals would break and the magnetic pumps used for transfer of the chemicals often faced total pump failure in spite of the fact that they used an electric monitoring device to prevent dry running. At the end of the 6 to 7 meters long discharge line, the line tended to get filled with air, creating large bubbles preventing correct bearing bush lubrication resulting in rapid overheating and as a result the ceramic bushes would break due to thermal shock, sometimes ruining the pump beyond repair a very costly situation.

Yamada came to the rescue and offered to use for the transfer of 98% H2SO4 our Yamada NDP-50BVT.
The two magnetic drive pumps and one mechanical seal pumps were replaced by our Yamada NDP-50BVT and our NDP-25 BVT.
Two NDP-80BPS were purchased for pumping acid water containing foam.
Thanks to our Italian friends we gained another satisfied Yamada product user.


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