60% Bentonite Clay, 20% HCL and 20% Water

Product model:
Industry / Branch:
Chemical industry
Factory type / Production of:
Production of bleaching earth

Main Furnished Product:
Bleaching earth for the refining of vegetable and animal oils and fats as well as forthe de-colorization of mineral oils.

Process Details:
Slurry mixed in tank and send to a process vessel used to carry out a chemical reaction with 110°-120°C temperature.

Customer Requirement:
A pumping solution is required that can deliver a flow rate of viscous and abrasive slurry hot media into the filter press chamber and can allow for changes in pressure as build-up occurs on the filter screens.

Pumping Media:
The solid and sludge-like nature of the media that is to be processed is often acidic abrasive & corrosive slurry to make the cake of abrasive acidic media to use the separation process of liquids with the support of filter press.


Old Filter Press Feeding Process:
In the past the customer transferred & fed this hot 50° to 60° C slurry to a filter press through the plastic lined air purging tanks. It was not
safe and could be cause of any accident due to pressurize conditions.
The customer was also doing this process with centrifugal pumps and faced a lot of troubles in centrifugal pumps such as mechanical seal & gasket leakages and sometimes dry run damaging the centrifugal pump.

We suggest to the customer to use the 3" Yamada plastic polypropylene body pump for this application and offered them a free 1-month
trial program with a Yamada pump.
After 2 months of satisfactory trouble free and maintenance free operation, the customer decided to place an order with us for 4 pieces of Yamada NDP-80BPS pumps.

Why use Yamada:
After the placement of Yamada pumps the customer installed & trialed other different AODD competitor brands as well such as Wilden & Sandpiper on this application.
Because the temperature of slurry was really 80° to 90° C high, Yamada polypropylene pump were able to bear this temperature rating. But all those competitor brands pumps poorly failed on this high temperature application within 15 to 20 days. Even after the competitors distributor repaired the pumps they still failed after 10 days.

And until now Yamada NDP-80BPS is still running on this high temperature application, just asking for some spares from time to time without breaking down.

In whole Pakistan in total 5 different companies are involved in this bleaching earth process business and now all of then are using the
Yamada pumps on this application.


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