Ceramic Industry Using Yamada Pumps

Industry / Branch:
Chemical industry
Factory type / Production of:
bathroom furniture, flooring and tile

Pumping applications in the ceramic industry, where bathroom furniture, flooring and tile are produced, can have some of the most demanding applications for liquid transferring equipment. Pneumatic Double Diaphragm Pumps manufactured and designed by Yamada have been present in many of the ceramic manufacturing companies worldwide for decades. Our equipment is designed to be easy to repair, so it is durable and reliable.


This pump was installed by a loyal customer, who recently reported that their pump is still operating, with the same efficiency as when it was new. When required, due to the brutality of the applications at this location, our South American user has had quick and easy access to the necessary spare parts, given that from our models today, or even 10 or more years old, use the same elements. We do not change to charge, we only improved our pumps.

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