Filling of Plaster in Buckets

Product model:
Industry / Branch:
Building material industry
Factory type / Production of:
Production of plaster & mortar products.

At a leading Manufacturer of plaster & mortar products in Austria, a filling systemwas equipped with our Yamada pump NDP-80BSS-S2-SVT after having experienceddifficulties with another manufacturer of pumps.
The competitor's pump was responsible for filling 25/50 liter buckets with viscoussand plaster.
They faced regular issues with that pump and specifically during themoment the process would require a reduction in the flow rate at the end of the fillingprocess.
The competitor's pump would stall and suffered from high wear and tear,leading to an increased need to change for spare parts.


The solution Yamada provided was found to be in our product Yamada NDP-80BSS-S2-SVT with a built on Smart Valve Technology Kit.
Stalling of the pump was avoided and a continuous failure free operation had been assured.
The Yamada pumps stainless steel body as well as the installed santoprene diaphragms convinced due to their low wear and tear of internal parts as well through it's performance. As a result of this good experience it was decided to use the same Yamada solution at affiliated companies within
the client's corporate group.The operation of an AODD pump equipped with a SVT Kit was new to them, but the continuous good feedback of this
customer speaks for itself. It is an approved addition for filling processes with high viscous and abrasive products. Especially there where the flow rate fluctuates / decreases temporarily during the process in which the pump is being operated.

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