Yamada AODD Pumps for Forging Application!

<Application of Yamada AODD pumps>
Yamada AODD pumps are useful for circulating and spraying the mold-release agent! The agent contains graphite particles. These particles easily precipitate and consequently causes the spray nozzle clog. Hence, this release agent is agitated and circulated to keep the concentration of the graphite particles consistent before being sprayed. Here Yamada AODD pumps are chosen for the following reasons!!

<Benefits of Yamada AODD pumps>
1) Ability to transfer slurry!
As long as the mold-release agent contains graphite particles, Yamada pumps are a great option for this reason!

2) Easy to control the fluid supply volume!
All needs to be done is to use an air pressure reducing valve!

3) Suitable for spray application!
Yamada AODD pumps can get deadheaded with no problem! This feature can be used for spray applications!


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