AODD Pump for Soy Sauce Manufacturing!

Soy sauce is one of the most important ingredients mainly used for Asian cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean and so on..
Similarly, Yamada AODD pumps are also one of the greatest options for soy sauce manufacturing!! In fact, Yamada AODD pumps can be used for the filtration process and filter press at the wastewater treatment l!
Then why AODD pumps for soy sauce manufacturing?

1. Ability to transfer slurry: For transporting liquids containing slurry, such as waste liquid treatment, AODD Pumps are capable when the of transferring liquid containing some solid materials!

2. Many pump materials available: Soy sauce contains a lot of salt and causes pump material corrosion issues. AODD Pumps have a wide range of materials, so you can choose materials that do not corrode are compatible with the fluids.

3. Deadhead: AODD pumps, which can be dead-headed with no damage or wear, have no problem when the filter press is getting clogged and the discharge line is getting closed!! Therefore, no bypass relief valves are required!!

4. Self priming: AODD pumps allows for high suction lift even at dry start-up.

<Recommended Models>
NDP-P25BST, NDP-40BPT, NDP-P50BPT, NDP-80BPT and so on...


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