AODD Pump for Oil Skimmer!

There are 5 reasons why Yamada AODD Pumps are suitable for this application!!

- Ability to run dry: the air-motor is not burnt when the pump absorbs air and runs dry!
- Ability to transfer slurry: Yamada pumps are capable when the water contains some solid materials as well as oil!
- Explosion proof and intrinsically safe: there is no issue when the fluid contains some flammable substances!
- Simple structure: it easies the maintenance work!
- Stable stroke for G15!

<Success story>
A customer using an AODD pump for an oil skimmer is satisfied with G15P series due to its stable stroke!! They used to use another 1/2" pump but they were facing a problem of unstable stroke and pump stalling. G15P series has solved this issue and they are now happy with it!!


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